3 of the Best Ways to Reduce Oxygen Costs

3 of the Best Ways to Reduce Oxygen Costs

For individuals with respiratory issues, oxygen concentrators are a lifesaver. However, the cost of using these devices can be significant. In this article, we will discuss ways to reduce the cost of using oxygen concentrators. We will cover the benefits of portable oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen tanks, and portable oxygen generators. 

By following our expert tips, you can improve your respiratory health and save money at the same time. Our suggestions are pretty simple and easy to follow; they will help lower anxiety associated with patient care. 

Buy a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

If you require oxygen therapy on the go, a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is an excellent investment. POCs can be used anywhere and are often more cost-effective than other oxygen delivery systems. They are lightweight, small, and easy to use. In addition, POCs do not require expensive refills like other oxygen delivery systems.

There are many POCs available for sale, but the best portable oxygen concentrator depends on your needs. Sanai Health’s Oxymov 3 is a highly recommended portable oxygen concentrator. The device is rechargeable and can be used for 2 or more hours depending on the oxygen requirements. 

Consider purchasing a POC if you require oxygen therapy while traveling or outside of your home. This will save you from having to spend on renting out different oxygen devices. 

Use a Home Oxygen Concentrator

If you require oxygen therapy at home, a home oxygen concentrator (HOC) is a cost-effective solution. HOCs generate oxygen from the surrounding air, making them more economical than oxygen tanks. They also do not require frequent refills and can reduce medical expenses associated with hospital stays.

To use a HOC efficiently, ensure that it is in a well-ventilated area and kept clean. Change the filters regularly, and do not overload or overwork the unit. Remember that the manufacturer usually recommends break in usage when the device heats up. It is best if you get your home oxygen unit serviced every month or so to avoid permanent damage. 

 Some recommended home oxygen concentrators include the Oxymate 7BW, PSA 3000, PSA 6000 and LFY-I-5F single outlet oxygen concentrators

Consider a Portable Oxygen Tank

Portable oxygen tanks are another option for individuals who require oxygen therapy outside of their homes. Oxygen tanks are easy to use and do not require electricity. However, they can be costly in the long run, requiring frequent refills and replacement. They also can be heavy and cumbersome to carry.

To save money on oxygen tanks, consider purchasing a portable oxygen tank with a long-lasting battery. This will allow you to use it for an extended period without having to recharge. Additionally, consider purchasing a backpack to make carrying the tank easier. You can find portable oxygen tanks in multiple sizes. It is very easy to find an oxygen tank that you can easily carry around.

Tips to remember when using Oxygen Concentrators

Pick the Oxygen Device best suited for your needs 

 If you only need oxygen therapy while at home, consider a home oxygen concentrator instead of a portable oxygen concentrator. Home oxygen units are not portable but they do provide more per liter concentration of oxygen to the patient. 

Can your health insurance help you out?

Check with your insurance company to see if they cover the cost of your oxygen therapy equipment. Many insurance plans will cover all or part of the cost of an oxygen concentrator. Make sure to remember things that aren’t covered in the insurance to prevent damage to those parts.  

Many major Oxygen Device Manufacturers to buy from!

Compare prices of oxygen concentrators and related equipment from different manufacturers and retailers before making a purchase. You may be able to find a better deal or sale. Remember that there is something out there in your budget. Sanai Health itself has many different oxygen concentrator models to cater to the needs of different groups. 

Maintenance goes a long way

Keep your oxygen concentrator clean and well-maintained. This will prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Read the manual and learn what different indicators and alarms mean.


Reducing the cost of using oxygen concentrators is possible by investing in cost-effective solutions like portable oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen tanks, and portable oxygen generators. Consider purchasing the recommended products and follow our expert tips to save money on oxygen therapy. You can not only improve your respiratory health by following our tips, the reduction in financial burden will also positively impact your mental health. 

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