3 LPM Oxygen Concentrator

3 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, Single Outlet (PSA 3000)

3 LPM Oxygen concentrator device draws in air from the environment and purifies it through the molecular sieve bed to provide a concentrated air supply of 3 liters per minute. 

Utilizing a process known as power swing technology, this oxygen concentrator can purify oxygen up to 96%. Generally, this 3 LPM oxygen concentrator consumes less power supply when compared to the 10 LPM and 5 LPM models.  Hence, this one is suitable for homecare with a single flow. 


PSA 3000 technology purifies the air up to 96%

Intelligent self-diagnosis system: Alarms for low concentration, high and low pressure, and power failure

The efficient 3-grade filter keeps away most impurities and bacteria.

One Year Parts and Service Warranty

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PSA 3000 technology purifies the air up to 96%

Fully automated technology

Associated with an oxygen monitor that signals an alarm when the oxygen concentrator is below the preset levels.

Blended oxygen resuscitation facility to prevent toxicity

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

No, a 3 LPM oxygen concentrator doesn’t require periodic maintenance. The Oxygen sensing device ensures the accurate delivery of oxygen, reducing the risk of regular maintenance.

The machine operates better within a temperature range of 41 degrees F to 104 degrees F, i.e., 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.

3 LPM oxygen concentrator is very convenient to operate. It guarantees continuous oxygen flow without the need to replace or store cylinders.

A 3 LPM oxygen concentrator can supply air that is up to 96% pure.

Yes, all our oxygen concentrators come with One-year Parts and Service Warranty.

Approval & Certifications

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