Soundproof Cabin

Soundproof Cabins


Immersed in cutting-edge carbon plastic material, these innovative soundproof cabins offer tranquility whenever you yearn for peace and seclusion. 

With a 25-40 decibels noise reduction capability, these cabins are tailor-made for those seeking uninterrupted focus or restful sleep. Designed to ensure optimal ventilation without compromising on silence, they provide a sanctuary for extended work sessions or rejuvenating slumber.

Enjoy complete silence with our soundproof cabins without sacrificing anything.


New acoustic technology for noise reduction to provide superior soundproofing

Lighting system for better illumination

A ventilation system to keep the cabin users comfortable

Dual turbine positive pressure fresh air system

Lighter than the contemporaries thanks to light carbon plastic plate body

0% odor thanks to great ventilation

Multiple options of sizes and colors

Easy to install and use

Safety hammer for emergencies

Basic Parameters of the Cabin

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can get customized options. Reach out to our team to learn more.

We have a number of options. You can easily pick one that suits your needs.

Yes, our soundproof cabins come with a functional ventilation system that keeps the cabin fresh for your comfort.

Yes, you can add furniture inside to meet your requirements.

Our soundproof cabins are made of special carbon plastic sheets that provide amazing sound insulation while being lightweight.

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