Oxymate 7BW - Smart Household Oxygen Concentrator

Choose Oxymate 7BW for Oxygen Anywhere – Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Tanks and Refills

Oxymate 7BW is one of our novelties and world-class medical equipment that obtains high oxygen concentration of up to 96%. Oxymate 7BW is compact, relatively lightweight and a portable oxygen machine. It comes with an intuitive big sized HD display supported by a touch screen to control the key functions of the device. It allows real-time functional monitoring just by a few clicks and offers intelligent voice output. 

Oxymate 7BW offers integrated Oxygen Generation and Atomization in one machine, and can be easily switched at will. Its nebulizer function further relieves respiratory symptoms hence improving circulation, decreasing anxiety levels, and lowering blood pressure.


Provides moist and not dry oxygen

Uninterrupted oxygen supply for 48 hours

Remote control operation

CECA Molecular Sieve

Big HD screen display for easier menu navigation

portable oxygen

Higher Oxygen concentration: 90% ±3% @ 1 LPM

Noise reduction design (lower than 40 dB)

1-7 LPM oxygen flow rates

Intelligent voice output

Equipped with error alarms

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

Oxymate portable oxygen concentrator takes around 4 hours to fully recharge.

The machine consumes 350W to function properly.

The oxygen concentrator comes with an inbuilt bacterium and HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. The dual filters inhibit bacteria and other external particulate matter from entering the machine.

Oxymate 7A portable oxygen concentrator weighs 5.8 Kg.

The machine supplies oxygen with a purity level of 93%. A casual increase or decrease of 3% is acceptable.

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