Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves

Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves

Our medical-grade nitrile gloves are produced by using world-class thin technology and the stretch formula. Such gloves provide precise tactile sensation while dealing with patients in a hospital setting. 

Our gloves have a 100% nitrile composition which is a synthetic material that prevents allergic reactions to the skin. This one also acts as a barrier against the chemotherapic agents that are delivered to the patients. 

Our gloves are super comfortable and are known to provide dependable protection. They give latex feel type while eliminating the risk of latex allergy.


Finger textured surface for enhanced grip

100% nitrile makeup

Provides dependable protection


Extremely wear-resistant

nitrile gloves

Made out of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

Highly flexible

Super comfortable

No allergic reaction

Used in all medical procedures.

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

The strong puncture resistance of nitrile gloves makes them ideal for usage in a variety of medical settings, including those that deal with bodily fluids and blood-borne infections. For most other chores, nitrile industrial-grade gloves are the ideal choice, including those involving chemicals, food, and even the home.

Gloves made of nitrile are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and pathogens. Rubber gloves provide hand protection from moderate corrosive substances. Neoprene gloves are resistant to most solvents, oils, and mildly corrosive chemicals, including acetone.

Nitrile gloves cannot be reused. To prevent the spread of disease, they must all be disposed of properly after using them.

One-thousandth of an inch is equivalent to one mil (0.001 inches). Typical nitrile gloves are four mils thick, while disposable nitrile gloves can be up to 15 mils thick.

Nitrile gloves are traditionally blue in order to distinguish them from latex gloves for those who are allergic to the material. As an example, labs are concerned about cross-contamination, so they’ll use color-coded gloves in different regions of the lab.

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