Micro Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (Airframe Soft Type)

Micro Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (Airframe Soft Type)

Rejuvenate your health with 5LPM Oxygen at 60L/min pressure flow rate. The high-pressure soft cabins offer the users a chance to refresh and renew their mental as well as physical health in the comfort of their homes. The user-friendly cabins come with a remote control for easy control. The automatic relief valve ensures that the user is safe from any possible malfunctions. 

Experience the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at location of your choice with complete safety and control.


Made of aviation-grade TPU for durability, also includes a bracket.

Seating for up to two people.

Equipped with a 5L oxygen concentrator, providing 60L/min air pressure flow rate.

Safety features include double automatic relief valves, a manual relief valve, and a pressure gauge.

Remote-controlled operation for convenience.

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Frequently Asked Question

The user gets a remote control to manage the cabin.

They can provide you with up to 5LPM of oxygen at 60L/min air pressure.

The device has an automatic relief valve as well as a manual relief valve to help with pressure adjustment. There is also a pressure gauge to ensure that the user is safe at all times.

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