Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter

Evolving microbial attack and health failure has pushed us to amalgamate new technology. 3A Sanai Health produces some of the highest-quality Pulse Oximeters on the market. Pulse oximeters are the devices used to measure persons’ blood oxygen saturation. 

Pulse oximeter readings should be taken on a warm finger, with the patient sitting upright. The device should be left to stabilize for a minute before confirming the reading. Falsely low readings may occur if the patient’s peripheries are cold, poor perfusion due to hypotension, hypovolemic shock, sepsis, cardiac failure if the patient has tattoos, nail paint, or false nails.


Its pocket-friendly size makes it convenient to carry and use anywhere

A quick and precise way to check pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation levels, and perfusion index

LED display to allow easy assessment of the readings

Water-resistant device

medical face protection

A low battery indicator allows you to charge it timely

Very sensitive for it can measure perfusion index as low as 0.2%

It is generally used to monitor the health of people suffering from any morbidity, including COPD, asthma, cardiac disease, pneumonia, and even cancer.


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Frequently Asked Question

It is used to take a non-invasive test to measure the blood oxygen saturation level in the patient.

Pulse oximeter detects the most minor and rapid changes in the blood oxygen levels. Any change can be detected by using the meter easily at home. It is highly recommended to use for patients on ventilators.

Your doctor may suggest you keep one oximeter for home use if you need regular monitoring.

The average oxygen saturation level ranges from 95 to upwards, but it should not be less than 92, or it indicates hypoxemia.

On average, it has a life expectancy of 7 years, but you may need to change it with changing technology.

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