Ozone Water Disinfection Machine Pro

Ozone Water Disinfection Machine Pro

Developed using German low-pressure electrolytic water technology, that directly converts tap water into environmentally-friendly sanitizing water.

Now, you don’t need to rely on sticky and abrasive sanitizers anymore. Good news to those who have sensitive skin or suffering from eczema. Convert your regular tap water into the ozonated water rather than extracting it from oxygen or gaseous air. Ozonated water has always been known to kills germs effectively provide safe and adequate sanitation for household and commercial purposes. We’re glad to assure you about the effectiveness of ozonated water in killing 99.99% of lethal bacteria and viruses including Covid-19. This unit with EOG technology is highly productive for both small to medium-sized businesses and domestic uses. This affordable and practical unit helps you and your customers stay healthy by keeping them off from contagious spread. And, now it’s the right time to achieve an antimicrobial, safe environment for commercial and household environments with Ozone Water Disinfection Machine Pro (YS1600A).


Environmentally friendly

User-friendly application

Chemical Free

No environmental hazards

Sanitization is achieved within the five seconds

Wide range of uses for medical, commercial and household

oxygen generator

99.99% microbial removal is achieved

Safe even on excessive use

Uses electrolytic technology

Compact design for simple installation and use

24V: low voltage operation

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

The advantages of this system are:

  • Healthy clean and germless pool water without chemical substances.
  • Less chlorine smell and better looking, sparkling and extremely transparent looking water.
  • Less or no maintenance of the pool water.
  • Pool water disinfection is accomplished by the use of salt electrolysis and hydrolysis devices (replaces chlorine, bromine etc.).
  • Clearing and disinfecting properties can be achieved through the use of ionization, which incorporates a flocculation, anti-algae, anti-bactericide system.
  • Radiation from ultra-violet sources kills or slows the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

Chemical disinfection is put to the test against a specific bacterium using the disk-diffusion method. This test is used to determine the disinfection’s efficacy on a surface. Disinfection solutions can be correctly used in clinical settings using in-use tests.

Disinfecting is a procedure that removes dangerous microorganisms from a surface. In most cases, this is done by spraying or wiping down the surface with a chemical.

In terms of removing microorganisms from water, Automatic Water Disinfection System is the most effective. Without adding chemicals or altering the taste or odor of your water, UV systems eliminate 99.99 percent of hazardous germs.

Its capacity to swiftly interact with other molecules, along with ozone’s high molecular reactivity, makes ozone spray a highly effective disinfectant. Bacteria and viruses will be destroyed by the oxidizing particles in the ozone.

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