Oxygen Regulator for Pressure Control With Medical Humidifier

Oxygen Inhaler Pressure Regulator w/ Humidifier Bottle

Either it’s a chronic respiratory disease or hypertension-associated breathing comorbidities, an oxygen inhaler pressure regulator is necessary to meet the required doses.  

These regulators are connected to high-pressure medical gas cylinders and are laser etched that prevents the risk of rubber flaking and rub-off. It allows better control of the oxygen delivery and also detects the fault oxygen leakage within a space. These regulators serve as a basic needed product in the medical and emergency compartments.


Provides maximum safety and precision

Gauge protector prevent it from further damage

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Aluminum construct won’t allow the regulator to rust

Use mainly in a health care setting

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

It is used to control the gas flow pressure from the cylinder or any other device it is attached to and make sure that the export pressure stays stabilized.

The regulators have knobs for adjusting oxygen flow. The flow of oxygen can be regulated through it for the continuous release of compressed or liquid oxygen.

Yes, the adjusting regulator reduces the oxygen pressure to working pressure.

For safety concerns, it is recommended to use the oxygen cylinder with an oxygen inhaler pressure regulator.

The lifespan of a pressure regulator is around 15 years, but it is advisable to change the regulator after ten years of working with constant monitoring.

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