10 LPM High Pressure Oxygen Concentrator (LF-H-10A)

10 LPM High-Pressure Oxygen Concentrator (LF-H-10A)

10 LPM high-pressure oxygen concentrators are capable of delivering oxygen with a full boost in hospital emergencies and other departments. LF-H-10 A allows close surveillance of 5 patients at a time. Therefore, there is no longer a need to buy individual oxygen concentrators for the patients admitted to the medical wards. 

It is suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, infirm, and patients with different degrees of hypoxia within the hospital premises.  It can also be used to eliminate fatigue and quickly restore body functions after physical and mental strenuous exercise. 

3A Sanai has launched a high-pressure oxygen concentrator that provides 96% pure and efficient medical oxygen to sufferers for risk compensation. This oxygen machine is undoubtedly easy-going and allows a continuous flow of purified oxygen 24/7 without a break. 


It is a compact, stationary type oxygen concentrato

With 0.4 MPA high-pressure output, one can meet the need timely

One Year Parts and Service Warranty

Offers flow rate of 10litres of oxygen/minute

Triple filtration system ensures purity of the oxygen supply

High-pressure oxygen output

24 hours non-stop working capacity

Concentrate oxygen up to 93%

Associated with four alarms for device’s protection

Lower maintenance efforts

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

10 LPM High-pressure oxygen concentrator is a stationery device and is suitable to use both at home or at medical centers.

The machine can simultaneously facilitate 5 patients with up to 96% oxygen supply.

An Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI) is the easiest and safest way out there to determine the oxygen concentration levels.

The high-pressure oxygen concentrator performs best when used with an anesthesia machine, ventilator or high-pressure oxygen chamber.

Yes, all our oxygen concentrators come with One-year Parts and Service Warranty.

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