5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, Single Outlet (DO2-5A-5L)

5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, Single Outlet (DO2-5A-5L)

For a long, oxygen concentrators have been similar. That is, they’re considered bulky, noisy requiring high-end maintenance. 3A Sanai Health has revolutionized stationary concentrators to lightweight and silent oxygen producers that meet the needs to the fullest.

Our oxygen concentrators are designed to filter the purified air with a 3-grade filtration system for 2 patients at a time. It makes sure that each one of the patients receives purified and clean oxygen without microbial contamination. Additionally, this 5 LPM model can deliver up to 93% of purified oxygen 24/7 non-stop. 

It is further aided with an intelligent self-diagnosis system to rule out the concentrator’s shortfalls within time. It is one of the major reasons why 3A Sanai Health oxygen concentrators are gaining popularity with every passing day.


Intelligent self-diagnosis system: Alarms for low concentration, high and low pressure, and power failure.

The efficient 3-grade filter keeps away most impurities and bacteria

A big displacement compressor ensures a 30% longer life span.

One Year Parts and Service Warranty

More quiet, long service life, suitable 24/7 operation

portable oxygen concentrator

Delivers 5 liters of oxygen per minute

Offers single outlet

Compact design and stationary type oxygen concentrator

Intelligent self-diagnosis system: Alarms for low concentration, high and low pressure, and power failure

It comes with a service interval indicator

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

5 LPM oxygen concentrator gives an advantage of 24 hour nonstop working.

The machine operates well, consuming power of 320 Watts.

This 5 LPM oxygen concentrator supplies up to 96% purified oxygen. It also comes with an Oxygen purity indicator which alarms if the oxygen concentration level drops below 82%.

The machine operates well within a temperature range of 5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.

The oxygen concentrator includes accessories like a nasal cannula, connecting pipe, spare filter, and a humidifying bottle.

Approval & Certifications

oxygen concentrator

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