Ozone Water Disinfection Machine

Ozone Water Disinfection Machine

Safe and Effective Anti-microbial Sanitizing Water for Commercial and household use developed using German low-pressure electrolytic water technology

Ozonated water has always been known to kills germs effectively provide safe and adequate sanitation for household and commercial purposes. We’re glad to assure you about the effectiveness of ozonated water in killing 99.99% of lethal bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.

This Ozone Water Disinfection Machine was produced with the aim of instantly sanitizing the water. This automatic system uses electrolytic technology and the installation process can be carried out in a few easy steps and without any complication. 

This unit with EOG technology is highly productive for both small to medium-sized businesses and domestic uses. This affordable and practical unit helps you and your customers stay healthy by keeping them off from contagious spread. Combat pandemic, endemic, and epidemic fears but owning a compact disinfection unit. 

Now it’s the right time to achieve an antimicrobial, safe environment for commercial and household environments with Ozone Water Disinfection Machine (YS6A100).


Compact design for simple installation and use

Sanitization is achieved within five seconds

Environmentally friendly

User-friendly application

portable concentrator

Light weight and effective

99.99% microbial removal is achieved

Safe even on excessive use

Uses electrolytic technology

Wide range of uses for medical, commercial and household

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

Aqueous ozone can still be used as a regular home cleaner, as long as it’s not your first line of defense in a household that is concerned about germs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

There is no need to worry about changing the pH of your tap water, because the Ozone Water Disinfection Machine generates a neutral ozonated water that may be sanitized to produce water. This means that it won’t linger like chlorine disinfectant and alter the taste of food.

SGS, a third-party lab, has certified that the ozonated water is safe for human skin and mouth.

A wide range of ozone-based cleaning and disinfection tasks can be accomplished in your house using ozone. There are a few examples of these: For drinking, water purification removes unpleasant odors, iron, chlorine, and bacteria from the water supply. In addition to destroying bacteria, this product removes unpleasant smells from worktops and other surfaces in the kitchen.

Its capacity to swiftly interact with other molecules, along with ozone's high molecular reactivity, makes ozone spray a highly effective disinfectant. Bacteria and viruses will be destroyed by the oxidizing particles in the ozone.

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