Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

3A Sanai has introduced a non-woven PPE suit with taping. 360-degree protection is now achievable with elastic wrists, elastic ankles, elastic hood, and the most important, the snug-fit. 

It enhances breathability and offers long-lasting comfort for the medics and the paramedic’s staff. Also, it allows full-coverage protection in the hazardous environment. 

At the end of the day or whenever one deems fit to dispose of the PPE follow a protocol so that they don’t end up touching the front surfaces of PPE, which may have been exposed to aerosols. Pulling through the sleeves to catch the inner surfaces and then rolling inside out with a pair of gloves is an ideal way to dispose of.


Does not allow self-adhesion, cracks, holes, and other defects.

Stitched with up to 7 to 14 stitches every 3 cm

Self-locking zipper

Easy to wear and take-off

Microbiological performance

antigen test kit

Elastic closure

Composed of hoods, blouses, and trousers.

Hydrostatic Resistant



Product Details

Available in: 160 (S), 165 (M), 170 (L), 175 (XL), 180 (XXL)

  • 1 piece/bag, 50pcs/carton 
  • Net Weight: 14kgs
  • Gross Weight: 15kgs 

Frequently Asked Question

Healthcare workers should wear protective clothing to prevent contamination of their street clothes and to protect their skin whenever there is potential exposure to blood and bodily fluids or other potentially infectious material.

Disposable medical protective clothing should be turned inside out as you remove it to avoid contaminating yourself with infectious material, even if it’s only a tiny portion of the garment.

Only one person can wear Disposable medical protective clothing at a time, and it cannot be washed. It’s possible that washing Disposable medical protective clothing will render it useless as a barrier or defensive measure.

Disposable medical protective clothing is substantially lighter in weight than reusable gowns, notwithstanding their claims of outstanding breathability. This makes Disposable medical protective clothing substantially more comfortable whether worn over clothing such as uniforms or on the street.

This PPE gown is available in five different sizes: 160 (S), 165 (M), 170 (L), 175 (XL), 180 (XXL)

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