5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, Single Outlet [PSA 6000]

5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator, Single Outlet (PSA 6000)

3A Sanai’s 5 LPM oxygen concentrator (PSA 6000) is a self-contained electrically powered medical device that concentrates oxygen from the ambient air. This is designed to supply oxygen 24/7 and is capable of achieving an oxygen concentration level of 93% with a 3% deviation.

With PSA 6000 technology, it is one of the efficient and safest oxygen concentrators on the market. Hence, the needs are met professionally.


Blended oxygen resuscitation facility to prevent toxicity

Intelligent self-diagnosis system: Alarms for low concentration, high and low pressure, and power failure

The efficient 3-grade filter keeps away most impurities and bacteria

It comes with one oxygen outlet with barbed fittings to prevent misconnections while moving it between the rooms

One Year Parts and Service Warranty

PSA 6000 technology purifies the air up to 96%

Fully automated technology

Associated with an oxygen monitor that signals an alarm when the oxygen concentrator is below the preset levels

Provides continuous oxygen flow

Oxygen monitor for signaling when concentration is below 82%

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

The machine can supply oxygen that is up to 96% pure.

The machine comes with a self-diagnosis system that has alarms for detecting low concentration, high and low pressure, and power failure.

The machine comes with 2 options of 3 Liter per min and 5 Liter per min that are easily switchable.

This is an electrically powered medical device that operates on fully automated technology.

5 LPM Oxygen concentrator can best operate within an altitude range of 0 to 2886 m.

Approval & Certifications

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