Oxymov 3 – Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxymov 3 - Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Unlock Freedom for Life, Oxymov 3 for Oxygen Anywhere with 3+ Hours Battery Backup

Shenzhen Sanai Health Technology CO., Ltd has been manufacturing reliable oxygen concentrators for more than 20 years and now we are proudly introducing our portable machines. Thoughtfully designed and developed to be lighter in weight, compact, reliable, and effective for people’s daily use at home or everywhere else.

At Shenzhen Sanai Health Technology CO., Ltd, we are excited to present a more reliable, lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use oxygen concentrator that helps you in maintaining the high quality of life you deserve. Oxymov 3 offers one unrivaled freedom to go just about anywhere! 

Our powerful and reliable portable oxygen concentrator is the next step in innovation for people that are seeking to stay active all through the day and run daily errands easily with convenience and freedom. With a battery backup of more than 3 hours. It uses zero discontinuous diffuse-type dispersion oxygen production to maintain a high concentration of oxygen with every breath. 

Packaging Includes: POC carry bag, power adapter, headset for oxygen inhaler,  car charging kit.


5 flow settings

3+ hours battery backup on 1L, 1.5L, 2L & 2.5L

Fully functional AC and DC power

Inbuilt PSA technology with an 8-stage filtration

Diffuse type oxygen concentrator

Simple one-touch operation

Copper-made oil free compressor

Titanium aluminum metal body design

5+ hours battery backup on 0.5L

portable oxygen concentrator

Smallest 3A Sanai Health’s POC

Easy to carry compact design

93% ±3 oxygen concentration

9000mAh detachable high-energy density lithium battery

Low Noise

Supports 12V car charging

Zero Discontinuous Oxygen Dispersion provides 2.5% greater efficacy

Long-lasting service life

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

These machines don’t require constant refilling like oxygen tanks. Instead, they take in air from the room and give concentrated oxygen as output. Other advantages that can be added to the list are that these machines are compact and lightweight.

Oxymov 3 portable oxygen concentrator weighs 3 Kg.

The machine supplies oxygen with a purity level of 93%. A casual increase or decrease of 3% is acceptable.

Oxymov 3 comes with a 9000 mAh detachable high-energy density lithium battery.

Oxymov 3 can easily function for more than 3 hours on battery power while providing more than 93% purified oxygen to the patient.

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