Disposable Virus Swabbing Kit

Disposable Virus Sampling Swab Kit

For collection and sampling of clinical samples. Not intended for microbial identification and drug sensitivity test.

The sampling swab uses advanced jet implanted nylon fuzz technology. Compared with conventional fiber swabs, the sample is easily penetrated, diluted, and trapped in the fiber. The nylon flocking swab has outstanding sample collection and release capability, and the release rate can reach 90%, which is much higher than that of the conventional fiber swab.

Light red media formation contains antibiotics that can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and fungi.


Compared with the traditional twisted swab, our "synthetic fiber flocking swab“ is to glue a large number of tiny nylon fibers to the top of a plastic rod, the efficiency of sample collection and release is 3 times higher than the traditional one.

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Rapid preservation of viral nucleic acids.

Ensure the stability and integrity of nucleic acids.

Product Specifications

Results Comparison with Other Brands on Market

Detection effect of different types of preservation tubes. In order to facilitate the selection of different types of storage tubes, we tested different brands, under 4 storage conditions, and different storage days (one day, three days, seven days, four days, and the thirteen days). The sensitivity of nucleic acid detection of the new coronavirus after days of preservation is 


In general, the Ct value of our product is lower than that of some common brands on the market, regardless of room temperature or 4 storage conditions. With our Disposable Virus Sampling Swab, the detection sensitivity is higher and the test results are more stable.

Disposable Sampling Swab

Frequently Asked Question

It can be stored at room temperature (2° to 30° C).

It includes medical grade, oropharyngeal nylon flocked, and nasopharyngeal nylon flocked swabs.

It is used for the collection, storage, and transporting of the sample collected.

After swabbing, place the swab in the sampling tube provided in the kit.

Discard the end of the sampling swab after placing it into the sample tube. 

Close the lid and mark the information on the tube.

It has a shelf life of up to 12 months. 

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