Mixed Fragrance Aroma Burst Beads for Face Masks

Mixed Fragrance Aroma Burst Beads for Face Masks

Mixed Aroma Fragrance beads are the newest shelf addition and a known innovation in the market. It’s a recent addition to the 3A Sanai Health patent product line, exclusively refreshing users with fragrances that are natural and yet bearable to stand with all through the day. The basic purpose of aroma burst beads is to make your breathing process less tedious and healthier in the long run. 

Each set of Aroma Burst Beads contains 6 refreshing different fragrances. One Aroma Burst Bead would be enough to provide constant subtle fragrance flow for up to 4 hours. Multi-fruity fragrances are added to provide a refreshing and organic feel.

Our Aroma Burst Beads are also known to remove the congestion feeling that’s developed with the frequent use of the mask.


Magnetic design

Mixed Fragrances include: apple, grapes, peach, lychee, mint and lemon

Also, it relieves congestion

The feedstock of natural fruity fragrances

Comes in a box with 12 multi-fragrance small-boxes

Easy to use with any face mask

A portable capsule that is easy to carry

Frequently Asked Question

Aroma Burst Beads are invented by Sanai Health. These are tiny rubber balls that contain fragrant oil.  It helps you wearing your masks for an extended period of time, reducing stress, breathing fresh, clean air, and being healthy.

For a few hours, you will be able to feel refreshed by just crushing one tiny bead on the inside of your face mask’s inner side.

Aroma Burst beads are made of various natural fruity fragrances such as apple, grapes, peach, lychee, mint and lemon. It is 100% vegetarian.

Please keep the Aroma burst beads container in a well-ventilated, dry location away from direct sunlight.

The burst beads can prevent boredom, providing a mild consistent mild fragrance of various fruits, assist you in becoming acclimated to long-term mask use, and help you feel more enthusiastic in your daily life and work. Natural plant rubber and vegetable oil are used to create this material. Each bead has a fragrance that lasts for more than four hours.

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