Oxygen Cylinder for Medical Use

Oxygen Cylinders (5, 10, 15, 20, 40 Liters)

Oxygen cylinders are useful medical devices that store oxygen under high-pressure in a large vessel. These devices are usually associated with flowmeters to allow delivery of prescribed oxygen, usually with the health care setting. 

3A Sanai Health provides high-pressure cylinders for storing and transporting oxygen and other gases with a capacity that ranges between 5 to 40 liters. They are made of alloy structural steel hot-punched and pressed, cylindrical in shape. Our seamless steel cylinders use advanced technology and national and international certification to be in line with the international quality and safety standards, highly suitable for use in the healthcare industry.

Our range of oxygen cylinders meets ISO9809 standards, which is why they are widely used in laboratories and medical treatments. 3A Sanai Health’s high standard of operation is based on long-term operation and execution in the health care field.


The cylinder is made up of killed structural steel to hold liquefied gas for a longer duration

Large storage capacity for long-term use

Refilling is easy

humidifier bottle for oxygen concentrator

The cap of the cylinder is made up of robust steel that offers good impact resistance under the high-pressure oxygen load.

The bottle valve to prevent the air and debris from pouring in.

The bottle valve monitors the egress and ingress of the gas.

It comes with a shockproof ring to prevent the cylinder during the filling and the transportation process

Product Specifications


  1. WMA: Concave Bottom
  2. Hydraulic test pressure: 25Mpa or 30Mpa
  3. Working test pressure: 15Mpa or 20Mpa

Frequently Asked Question

Oxygen cylinders have regulators and flow meters attached to the cylinder body that controls the amount of oxygen to the patient.

The machine can store oxygen within a range of 5-40 liters.

No, medical oxygen never expires and is safe to use.

Oxygen cylinders can last a lifetime if taken good care of. For health concerns, it is suggested to test your oxygen cylinder every five years.

A pressure gauge on the cylinder shows the capacity and a gross division from empty to full.

The oxygen cylinder should be stored in an upright manner to avoid falling over. You can also keep it horizontally in a way that it won’t get damaged.

Approval & Certifications

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