Disaster Management Kits for the Pandemic

Was COVID19 Pandemic Crisis Avoidable? 

The thing about this whole debate is, that we all could’ve done so much better if only we had been prepared for the worst-case scenario. At Sanai Health, we are passionate about infectious diseases with the potential to become a public health problem. 

If the governments and the people had better access to several health technologies, we wouldn’t have had such a massive pandemic on our hands. Right now, all the governments are doing more. 

Governments Demand Local Production of Health Technology

It has been predicted again and again this year that the health technology industry is going to only rise from now onwards. 

Governments have set their directives on the local oxygen concentrator manufacturers and other critical health technology manufacturers. The people and the government both want locally-made oxygen concentrators that perform well. Oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks, and oxygen plants are getting mass-produced. However, the governments are monitoring their productions to ensure they are up to the mark. 

Things You Need To Buy For Your Disaster Management Kit

We believe that everyone should have a first aid kit at the ready with other tools to help them in tough times. From bandages and wound sterilizing medicines to thermometers and painkillers, the basic first aid kit should have everything. There should be a backup of tinned foods and other daily use things. However, from the perspective of respiratory health and lessening the damage to the lungs, the following things are strictly necessary.

Oxygen Concentrators for Multiple Users

Let’s be honest, we all saw the disastrous surge of COVID-19 in waves. Again and again, we saw a similar pattern emerge, people were ill-prepared to meet their health needs. Many patients couldn’t isolate properly. Whole families were impacted and each home boasted multiple COVID19 infected patients. At this point, it would have been best if the homes were fitted with oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators

Oxygen concentrators that can supply oxygen to multiple people at a single time are literal life savers. Whole families can get immediate access to oxygen via these multi-outlet oxygen devices. 

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are Life Savers

Just like the oxygen concentrators with multiple outlets to support more patients, portable oxygen concentrators have their place in your pandemic kit. The portable oxygen concentrators allow ease of movement while moving outside. Alternatively, these devices are amazing in case of a power outage. You don’t need to worry about feeling breathless. With devices like Oxymov 3, you can control the modes of oxygen provision and that helps with prolonging the battery life. Don’t get us wrong, oxygen tanks can also help out in this instant but they’re heavier and larger than our Oxymov 3.

Ozone Water Disinfection Machine to Help You Stay Healthy While Being Hydrated

Ozone water is great when it comes to killing and deactivating a lot of microbes including viruses and bacteria. A good ozone water disinfection machine can be easily installed into your home right this instant and you’ll be set for the future. The machine is good enough for use in cleaning water commercially, consider how clean your drinking water can get with this machine. You must consume safe and healthy things during times of pandemic disease spread. A virus wiped out, by exposure to ozone, cannot harm you. Include this machine in your daily use from right this instant to gain the maximum amount of benefits.

Pulse Oximeter to Show You Your Health Vitals

Pulse oxymeters are not your regular buying item from any pharmacy store. Yes, people with health problems, particularly those with respiratory problems have them. On the other hand, normally healthy people like you and me don’t have this design lying around our houses. 

A pulse oximeter is vital in measuring the proper blood oxygen levels and heart rate. Your blood oxygen levels should ideally stay above 94%. How will you know what your blood oxygen level is? By going to an emergency room near you? What if you simply can’t go there? You need to have a pulse oximeter for your personal use! 

Don’t miss buying this simple device that can alert you to rising health problems.

Gloves and Masks can Save the Day

Isolation and social distancing became the name of the game when the COVID-19 pandemic hit us in 2020. No one can forget the frenzied search for proper masks and gloves. The government was fining anyone seen without their masks on. You were not allowed to touch things or another human. Touching and breathing in the same air was super dangerous. 

Out of nowhere, we saw everything’s price hike up. They were charging higher than normal prices for masks and gloves! 

So one of the best things you can keep at home for unfortunate times is personal protective wear like gloves and masks.   

Shop Now From Sanai Health

Sanai Health has worked hard to make itself capable of providing technological support to pandemic-affected patients. Our primary focus is on respiratory health problems and how we can help reduce the burden of disease on the infected & disease-ridden. Not only will you find some great quality products on our website, but you’ll also find that they are available at a great price. 

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