What are the Alternative Treatment Options for COPD?

What are the Alternative Treatment Options for COPD?

COPD often requires a multidisciplinary action from the patient. The truly harassed patients are always ready to try out something new in order to reduce the symptoms of COPD. However it is important to remember that while the alternative treatment options are somewhat effective, they are not the main treatment. 

Your oxygen concentrators and bronchodilators are going to stay with you till you properly recover your lung function. Portable oxygen concentrators are only there to make your life easy, as a patient, use them to the fullest to get benefits. You want to get even better? Check out the following alternative treatments that can benefit your respiratory system.    

Vitamin C, D and E for Lung Health

While vitamin D has not been scientifically proven to improve the condition of a COPD patient in every instance, however its deficiency is visible in all COPD patients. Some studies have revealed an increase in infectious activity in patients deficient in vitamin D.

On the other hand, the function of vitamin C and E are in improving lung function. Your body will have a better chance to fight against infections when utilizing these particular supplements. 

N-Acetylcysteine to Stop Breathlessness

NAC stands out in the supplement category for its ability to decrease the coughing incidents for a patient suffering from COPD. As an antioxidant it fights against COPD by making the mucus less viscous and decreasing the amount of the phlegm. The supplement can be good for your pulmonary health especially if you have COPD and are undergoing treatment as well. This is good to use alongside your oxygen therapy, just remember to consult your physician beforehand.  

Yoga for Improving Lung’s Capacity to Breath

The exercise of breathing in deeply and maintaining different poses can help the suffering patient breath better. Deep breathing is an intrinsic part of yoga routine and this helps the patient reduce difficulty in their breathing. With lower load on the respiratory apparatus, the lungs are able to properly inhale a good amount of air that’s rich in oxygen. The better oxygen absorption from air, the less you will reach out to your medical oxygen concentrator.

Acupuncture and Lung Health

This practice has become quite popular in recent years. The eastern medicine component is known for benefits to different body systems. Acupuncture works by activating certain points on your body. Studies have revealed that acupuncture helps the patients of COPD by helping them breath easily. Acupuncture is not going to end your COPD but it will certainly make it easier to breath in the air. It is your duty to check that you go to a professional who knows how to actually practice acupuncturing, to get benefits. With your ongoing use of medical oxygen concentrator devices, breathing becomes even more easy with acupuncture.

Maintaining Your Weight to Lower Load on the Lungs

The effect of weight is pretty alarming on a COPD patient’s health. An overweight patient will need more oxygen to sustain their body requirements. In this scenario, the lungs would need to over exert themselves in order to meet the body’s needs. This can exacerbate your COPD. 

On the other end of this spectrum, the underweight patients also suffer. Underweight usually ends up meaning malnourished body that is unable to fight infections. The muscles of such a patient are weak and they cannot properly breath in order to meet oxygen needs of the body. Both of these patient types need to monitor their weight and keep it in normal ranges. Oxygen support can easily reduce the symptoms. However, do you really want to roam around everywhere with your portable oxygen concentrator?

Remember the Main Treatment for Pulmonary Diseases

The patients are to keep on getting their medical treatment as per their medical prescription. It is necessary that the patient inform their physician about alternative treatment or health plans that they have. COPD can be really frustrating for the patients but mismanagement can lead to dangerous consequences. Hence we would suggest that you keep on taking your bronchodilators and oxygen therapy as per your doctor’s orders. 

Sanai Health’s Oxygen Concentrator for Treating Oxygen Deficiency 

We at Sanai Health have made sure that our oxygen concentrator devices can meet the different oxygen needs of different patients. The oxygen generators work efficiently in different settings to provide up to 96% pure oxygen. We meet our goals with each of our device, it is only up to the patient to maintain their treatment and stay committed to getting healthy. 

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