Reasons Why You Should Use Oxygen Concentrators for Your Oxygen Therapy

Reasons Why You Should Use Oxygen Concentrators for Your Oxygen Therapy

Why are you getting Oxygen Therapy?

Your need defines the type of supplemental oxygen therapy that you are prescribed. Your doctor will test your blood oxygen levels at rest and through walking tests to make sure proper oxygen therapy is implemented. 

Generally, the physician prescribes oxygen therapy on observing that the blood oxygen level of the patient is below 92% SpO2. The blood ABGs confirm the findings made with your pulse oximeter. 

Your health condition will dictate your oxygen therapy progression. Most patients have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or Interstitial Lung Disease that makes them incapable of breathing in appropriate amount of oxygen. Patients with cardiac problems and end stage cancer disease are also given oxygen to support their oxygen needs and make their living as easy as possible. 

Types of Oxygen Therapy 

In oxygen therapy, you may be prescribed oxygen use while you’re up and about. You can get supplemental oxygen prescription for 15 hours and above. Or your physician may think that you should use an oxygen concentrator device while you sleep because your oxygen is low at that time. Following are the types of oxygen therapy options that define your access to oxygen concentrator. 

  1. Long Term Oxygen Therapy
  2. Short Term Oxygen Therapy 
  3. Ambulatory Oxygen Therapy 
  4. Nocturnal Oxygen Therapy
  5. Palliative Oxygen Therapy  

Why are Oxygen Concentrators Superior to Oxygen Tanks? 

Unlimited Supply of Oxygen

The biggest reason people are converting to oxygen concentrator use is the unlimited supply of oxygen. A long as the device is running, it will continue to provide oxygen at the requisite flow rate. Your oxygen generator device can work around the clock and seven days a week without the need of any refills. 

Ease of use

Oxygen concentrators are easy to use, they are dependable. An oxygen concentrator device for home use comes with easy manual that describes the different indicators and alarms. The user can easily clean the their home oxygen concentrator unit without fear of causing an accident. 

Mobility with Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Ambulatory oxygen therapy usually means that the patient gets a prescription of a portable oxygen concentrator. This easy to carry and rechargeable portable oxygen concentrator can provide you oxygen for 2 or more hours depending on the flow rate. Portable oxygen concentrators generally improve the life of the patient as they get to move around. Some patients use oxygen concentrators during exercise to increase their stamina as well. Portable oxygen concentrators can also be easily carried around during travelling and that certainly helps to the appeal of this device. 

Safety of the User

While the patient is using an oxygen concentrator, they are in a safer place than when they use an oxygen tank. The oxygen tank is susceptible to damage and that can be dangerous as there is a chance of oxygen leaking. Another issue that is overlooked is that the oxygen tank becomes a ticking time bomb when the cylinder is open to heat. Oxygen concentrators hence provide the perfectly safe alternative.

Better Weighing Options

Portable oxygen devices have lighter weight than the portable oxygen cylinders. The availability of oxygen is also different between the two options. The lower weight helps the user move around easily while using the oxygen device. On the other hand, carrying the oxygen cylinder can be harder for the user.

Decrease in the Expense

One huge benefit of using oxygen generator devices is that you can save some money. An oxygen cylinder contains a finite amount of oxygen gas. Once the gas level hits bottom, you need to get it refilled. On the other hand, oxygen concentrator for medical use has a one-time cost. Admittedly the oxygen concentrators require some investment, it still doesn’t amount to more than 6 months of refills worth.   

Sanai Health for Your Oxygen Needs

The best part about oxygen concentrators? 

You can find a variety of them in the market. Each oxygen concentrator will fit the needs of a particular type of patient. You don’t need to worry that you won’t find anything that fits your needs and budget. You can simply browse through our website and check all the oxygen concentrators till you find one that fits your need.