The Future of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The Future of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

New Developments and Advancements

Portable oxygen concentrators have been a godsend for people with pulmonary health issues. These oxygen devices basically improved the quality of life and accessibility for a lot of patients. Throughout the years, manufacturers have been coming up with different models to improve the already existing oxygen generating device. 

At present, it is possible for everyone to have a portable oxygen concentrator that is tailored to their needs. It is possible thanks to the following changes. 

Decrease in the Weight of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The first many models of portable oxygen concentrators had a lot of weight. There sizes used to be huge. It was very difficult for the patients to carry around the portable oxygen concentrators. Now the models of portable oxygen concentrators are much smaller and costs are much less than what they used to be. You will find that the recent models of portable oxygen concentrators weigh around 5 pounds or more. 

This difference in the weight of portable oxygen concentrators means all the world to the patients who use portable oxygen concentrators. Low weight has improved the mobility of patients with pulmonary system compromised.  

User Friendly Interface of the Portable Oxygen Concentrators

When you compare the older portable oxygen concentrators to the current models, you will realize that your newer models of portable oxygen concentrators are very easy to use. The earlier models were not equipped to be user friendly. In earlier times a medical personnel would manipulate and monitor the device for the patient. The portable options weren’t available at all.  

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Recent models come with a better user friendly interface. The new portable oxygen concentrator comes with an attached screen to monitor different values. Thanks to the screens that portable oxygen concentrators come with, you can easily monitor what are the battery level of your portable oxygen concentrator as well as level of oxygen that it’s giving off.

Better Battery Life of the New Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The battery life of new portable oxygen concentrators is much better than the older portable oxygen concentrators. Old models could run on battery for one or two hours whereas the new portable oxygen concentrators can run for up to 5 hours or more. Battery drain depends on the flow rate requirements from the oxygen concentrators.

Another achievement in this field is that oxygen concentrators come with replaceable batteries. Now the patients can have more than one battery for their portable oxygen concentrators. Patients can charge multiple batteries at a time and use them as per their needs. In this way the patient will never run out of battery with their portable oxygen concentrator.

Variety in the Flow Rates

Another improvement in the portable oxygen concentrated in these times is variety in the portable oxygen concentrator. The earlier portable oxygen concentrators could manage lesser per minute of oxygen flow rate. In the current market you will find that the portable oxygen concentrators can provide oxygen 5 liters per minute. 

With the increase of available oxygen from the portable oxygen concentrators, it is now possible for the patients to move around outside and participate in strenuous exercises. This has basically improved the quality of life of the average patient who suffers from any pulmonary health issue. 

Flow Type Variations in the Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Previously the portable oxygen concentrators only used to come with a single type of setting. Old models used to be continuous flow. The current market has multiple options on this front. A patient will be able to find both continuous flow concentrators as well pulse flow portable oxygen concentrators.

 A pulse flow oxygen concentrators only provides oxygen when the patient needs it. So if any user of portable oxygen concentrator wants to have longer battery life, it’s best if they get a pulse dose oxygen concentrator.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Every Budget

Let’s face it, portable oxygen concentrators were very expensive in the past. However, in the present time and age, we can find a portable oxygen concentrator in every budget range. You can easily find a portable oxygen concentrator that will particularly cater to your budget and needs.

 There are many manufacturers that are making this possible and consequently making Pulmonary health an achievable goal. Sanai Health is one such manufacturer, our portable oxygen concentrator can provide hours of pure oxygen to the patient at a minimal cost.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Use in Sleep Apnea Treatment 

Another development in the field of medical for the treatment of sleep apnea has been due to the availability of portable oxygen concentrators. While the CPAP machines have always been used for treatment of sleep apnea, they are not the most portable option. 

On the contrary, portable oxygen concentrators present as the perfect option for these patients. A portable oxygen concentrator machine can easily be placed on the bedside of the patient while he/she sleeps away.

Sanai Health’s Portable Oxygen Concentrator Has It All

We have worked tirelessly to create a portable oxygen concentrator that can be easily used by many. Our Oxymov 3 is light weight and easy to carry around. It has the ability to provide up to 2.5 L of oxygen to the patient for more than 3 hours. You can easily detach the battery so you have the option to use multiple batteries at your ease. Visit our website to find out more about these wonderful devices.    

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