Sanai Health Unveils Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber for Ultimate Comfort and Health Benefits

Oxygen Chamber

Sanai Health, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, has launched the Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber, a cutting-edge technology product that revolutionizes the way we experience oxygen therapy. This state-of-the-art chamber offers a range of benefits for business, leisure, health, and relaxation, providing users with a rejuvenating and refreshing experience.

Silent Oxygen Chamber’s Structure that Stands Out!

The Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber boasts a high-strength, low-carbon aviation aluminum structure as its main body, ensuring durability and stability. Its double-layer acoustic patent, composed of high polymer sound insulation carbon fiber modules and high-density polyester fiber, ensures exceptional soundproofing. The cabin body is constructed with sound-absorbing cotton and sound-proof safety glass, allowing for a serene environment within.

One of the key features of the chamber is its quiet design. The cabin is made of acoustic laminated soundproof safety glass with an impressive sound insulation index of RW40dB. It has a thickness of 10mm. This effectively blocks external noise and creates a tranquil atmosphere for users.

Sanai Health’s Drive for Sustainable Products is Visible

Sanai Health is committed to environmental sustainability, and the Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber reflects this ethos. The cabin is constructed using recyclable carbon regeneration materials, resulting in a remarkably low carbon footprint of ≤0.08kg CO2e. It also boasts minimal energy consumption of ≤0.5MJ and air acidification of ≤0.0001kg SO2e. Everything culminates in making this product an eco-friendly choice.

Features for Patient Comfort and Ease

Quiet Oxygen Generating Device

The silent oxygen chamber utilizes an oxygen generator to extract air from the surroundings and inputs a specific concentration of medical-grade oxygen. Through a negative pressure air intake balance device, fresh air is constantly supplied into the cabin. This ensures a constant oxygen concentration within the chamber, adjustable between 21% and 29%, enhancing the overall oxygen therapy experience.

Passage of Air into the Oxygen Chamber and Temperature Control

In addition to the oxygen supply, the chamber is equipped with a silent breeze refrigeration system that maintains a constant temperature within the optimal range for human comfort, between 24°C and 27°C. Furthermore, the system regulates humidity, ensuring an adaptive and comfortable environment that promotes well-being and avoids sub-health conditions.

Safety Features in the Oxygen Chamber 

The Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber comes with a range of standard equipment including a smoke detector, breeze cooling system, 3C certified European standard silent glass, smart LCD control screen, 5L Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator, storage/workbench, LED soft lighting source, and flame retardant material wire. These features create a complete and user-friendly experience.

Benefits of the Oxygen Chamber to the Patient 

Customers can expect a range of benefits from the Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber. 

  1. Oxygen Chamber for Peaceful Rest: The quiet and comfortable environment enables users to rest, sleep, or work without disturbance. 
  2. Oxygen for Improving Body Functions: By breathing in oxygen-enriched air, individuals experience increased metabolic ability, hormone secretion, and enhanced brainpower, effectively combating fatigue and boosting productivity. It helps treat hypoxia, improves the body’s resistance, promotes metabolism, and enhances body vitality.
  3. Skin and Impact of Oxygen: The chamber positively affects the skin’s texture, delaying signs of aging. 
  4. Oxygen for Mental Health: Users can achieve deep relaxation as the oxygen-enriched space ensures sufficient oxygen supply to the brain, promoting wakefulness and mental clarity while calming emotions.

Is an Oxygen Chamber Better than Oxygen Concentrator as a Standalone?

Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber addresses the limitations of traditional long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) methods. This method of oxygen delivery is superior to oxygen concentrator and oxygen cylinder use in many ways.

Nasal straws and masks are gone and in their place is the cabin, providing a hassle-free and comfortable experience. The cabin’s intelligent control system allows for convenient monitoring and adjustment of oxygen flow and concentration through a mobile application. It also collects and uploads health data for long-term tracking and analysis, facilitating personalized treatment plans.

Sanai Health’s Oxygen Chamber is the Answer to Many Issues

Sanai Health’s Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber offers a breakthrough solution for oxygen therapy, filling a gap in the global market. Its innovative design, intelligent control system, and focus on user comfort make it an exceptional choice for individuals seeking a superior oxygen therapy experience. With its numerous benefits and remarkable features, the Smart Silent Oxygen Chamber is set to redefine the way we approach oxygen therapy for improved well-being and vitality.

While we may not see this device in use everywhere immediately, its use is bound to increase in the coming years. The simplicity and ease of use of Sanai Health’s Oxygen Chamber are sure to make it a favourite in the coming years.