Micro Hyperbaric Oxygen Cabin (For 2- 4 Person)

Micro Hyperbaric Oxygen Cabin

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Sanai’s Micro Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a sanctuary for all looking to improve their health. Whether you want to experience a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for health rejuvenation or medical treatment, Sanai’s Micro Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is the option to go for! 

Available in different dimensions for personal use as well as two-person use. Sanai Micro Hyperbaric Chamber can maintain a pressure of up to 100L/min at 10LPM Oxygen. 

The chamber is equipped with a smart screen to allow the user access to information and key controls. The chamber comes with a double automatic relief valve as well as a manual relief valve to ensure safety. All of this culminates into a safe experience wherever this chamber is in use. 


Control unit with double compressor, providing 10L of oxygen per minute at 100L/min pressure.

One-key intelligent start and stop for easy operation.

Internal and external dual control screens for monitoring.

Luxury soft bag for storage.

Smart screen display shows all data for comprehensive monitoring

Double automatic pressure relief valve plus manual valve for safety.

Water-cooled air conditioner to regulate temperature.

Telephone calling system for communication during treatment.

LED line lights for interior illumination.

Headset-type oxygen inhalation device for convenient oxygen delivery.

Two sofa seats provided.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the chamber is equipped with multiple safety features including smart screens, internal and external controls, telephone access, and two types of relief valves.

The chamber provides 10LPM of oxygen at 100L/min.

If you’ve just had surgery, ear troubles, a cold or flu, or a lung-related health concern, it is better to avoid using the device. You can ask further questions from your physician. 

This design is capable of holding 2 people within. If you want a larger chamber, you can get in touch with us.

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