The World is Moving towards the Use of Portable Oxygen Devices and Here’s How We Know This!

Oxygen concentrators and oxygen tank sales are going through the roof in the next 2 to 3 decades. There are so many reasons why this is going to happen. Read more to find out why the oxygen concentrator market is going to rocket upward and should you get one for yourself. 

Why are People Buying Portable Oxygen Concentrators? 

There are some major reasons that people are buying oxygen concentrators. While oxygen generators are used in hospitals for patients, there are many more uses for this oxygen device. Glass industry, jewelry making industry, and much more us oxygen machines  for their proper functioning. However, here in this post, we are only going to consider the use of oxygen concentrators in the medical field. 

The Worsening Environment is getting to the People

Air pollution is causing a rise in the number of patients with COPD. The breathlessness associated with COPD can be reduced by the use of an oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator. Hence patients suffering from COPD and other respiratory illnesses with the same symptoms are going to buy oxygen devices.  

Pollution can be Indoor Too

Let’s not forget that people smoke inside offices and their homes too. The smoke can make it difficult for those with respiratory illnesses to breathe easily. These people are also going to get the device to ease their breathing. 

The Elderly Populace is going to Boom in the Next Few Decades

Baby boomers are retiring. Their retirement is being called ‘The Great Retirement’ because 70 million+ people are going to leave the workforce. In this age group, respiratory issues are a common feature and we are going to see a spike in their interest in oxygen machines that can support their breathing. 

Rising Awareness About Technology

After the spread of COVID-19, people have become more knowledgeable about respiratory health technology. As a consequence of this people know that oxygen concentrators used in the hospital are now available to people. They know that the quality of the product has evolved.

Who is Buying the Portable Oxygen Devices? 

It is completely unsurprising but after the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few parties that are preparing for the next disaster. Three major players expected to buy these products include:

Governments Concerned About the Possible Pandemics

Is it really surprising that governments around the world are preparing for the worst? After the pandemic, the reality of the healthcare system has been hard to ignore. Governments are equipping their hospitals with oxygen devices that can mass produce oxygen.Oxygen concentrators for hospital use are getting manufactured locally as well as globally to meet the needs.  

Private Healthcare Sector For the Patient Flow 

The patients with health issues will be routed to places like private clinics, hospices, and other healthcare facilities. Other than the healthcare center there are going to be old homes that will need these oxygen-concentrator devices to support their inhabitants.  

Patients Prescribed Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

As we mentioned before, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to suffer through the worst of COPD and other respiratory illnesses. Other than respiratory illnesses, there are patients with cardiac health issues and cancerous lesions who are allowed to have supplemental oxygen therapy. These patients are going to invest in stationary oxygen concentrators as well as portable oxygen concentrators.Oxygen tanks are another option but the cost-effectiveness of the oxygen concentrator devices favors them.

What is the Expected Market Impact? 

Pulse Flow Oxygen Concentrators 

The continuous-flow oxygen concentrators are not getting any favors these days. People are realizing that pulse flow oxygen concentrators are good for energy saving. If you own a portable oxygen concentrator, you can easily save up on energy in this model. The charged device will work for a long time as a result.   

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

People are loving these oxygen machines because of the flexibility that these devices provide to the patient’s life. A patient suffering from COPD can easily move about outside and travel to places far away with the help of a portable oxygen concentrator. The use has become common to the extent that people are taking these devices with them for hiking, camping, and other adventures. 

What is Slowing the Oxygen Concentrator Technology Sales? 

Governments have placed their own rules and regulations on the local manufacturers. These have slowed down the manufacturing companies as they have to accommodate the government’s requirements. Governments can even place penalties on the companies if the companies don’t follow the rules. 

However, this will not slow down sales because the governments themselves are interested in buying the products to prevent future crises.

Looking for Oxygen Concentrators for Home Use?

You don’t need to look far and wide, Sanai Health has some of the best oxygen concentrator devices for home use. The devices are not only good quality, but they are also available at affordable prices. With Sanai Health’s long experience in making this type of device, you can rest assured that you won’t get a bad product. 

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