Principle and Classification of Low Noise Oxygen Concentrator

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There are a variety of household low-noise oxygen concentrators on the market. Due to the different principles of oxygen generation, the product characteristics of each brand of oxygen generator are also different.


The oxygen principle of household low-noise oxygen production mechanism is as follows:

1. Molecular sieve principle of low noise oxygen concentrator.

2. Principle of polymer oxygen-enriched membrane.

3. Principle of electrolysis of water.

4. Principle of chemical reaction oxygen production.

Low noise oxygen generator molecular sieve oxygen generator working principle: using molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology. The oxygen generator is filled with molecular sieves, which can adsorb nitrogen in the air when pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and purified to become high-purity oxygen.

The molecular sieve of the low noise oxygen concentrator discharges the adsorbed nitrogen back into the ambient air during decompression and can adsorb nitrogen and produce oxygen during the next pressurization. The whole process is a periodic dynamic cycle process, and the molecular sieve is not consumed.

Molecular sieve oxygen production technology of low noise oxygen generator has been widely used now, not only for oxygen production in hospital centers but also in thousands of households. At present, the oxygen production capacity of the oxygen generator is generally marked by the flow rate, and the flow rate includes two aspects: the high concentration oxygen flow rate and the maximum flow rate of the oxygen generator.

The oxygen concentration of the low noise oxygen concentrator will decrease with the increase of the oxygen flow rate. In the industry, the maximum flow rate that the oxygen generator can output high-concentration oxygen is calibrated as the flow rate of the oxygen generator.

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