Low Noise Oxygen Concentrator Selection Guide

Low noise oxygen concentrator to see oxygen concentration

The oxygen concentration of a low-noise oxygen concentrator is an important criterion for judging the quality of a home oxygen concentrator. For a high-quality home oxygen concentrator, its oxygen concentration should be stable at more than 90% to ensure the effect of home oxygen therapy.

Low Noise Oxygen Concentrator Look at Technology

Molecular sieve technology is an oxygen production method recognized by international standards. The oxygen concentration obtained by the oxygen production method adopted by the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator is higher and purer, and the oxygen concentrator has a longer service life.

Low noise oxygen concentrator to see the noise

The noise level of the oxygen concentrator should preferably be less than 45 decibels. An oxygen concentrator is an electrical appliance that works for a long time. The sound must not be too loud, otherwise, it will affect the rest of myself and others, especially at night, so the motor sound during work should be small. just fine.

Look at the brand of low noise oxygen concentrator

Low-noise oxygen concentrators belong to household medical products. You must choose products with medical production qualifications and brand protection. Professional and regular brands have more advanced oxygen production technology and a perfect after-sales service system, so you will be more assured to use it.

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