Are You Changing Your Oxygen Concentrator’s Filters?

Did you know that the yearly rounds of forest fires are not only bad for the environment, but they’re also even worse for people with respiratory health problems? 

With the recent fires, it was clearly noted that people were rushing to the emergency centers. Do you want to know what was common among these patients? All of them could smell the smoke coming from the burning fires. 

What did the Doctors Notice in These Patients?

When there was a surge of patients in the emergency rooms following the fires. Some pretty common symptoms were visible. A patient would come to the emergency with a persistent cough with phlegm, wheezing, burning eyes, and complaints of tightness in the chest area.  This is common in normal patients. 

Patients with respiratory illnesses already have the above-mentioned symptoms. However, with the presence of irritants in the air, their symptoms worsen. 

Pulmonary specialists mentioned that these patients had runny noses and persistent coughs because their airways were severely inflamed. 

Have You Noticed These Changes?  

Smoke inhalation can cause certain symptoms to appear. If you see some of the following, go visit your doctor. 

  • Headache
  • Increasing anxiety
  • Inability to feel well rested
  • A problem with breathing. 
  • Breathing fast
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Feeling disoriented

If these signs are left ignored, they can get severe over time unless you somehow move to a well-ventilated space and get access to oxygen.

What do the Doctors Recommend for These Patients? 

It is widely accepted that people that show up with these symptoms have to get clean oxygen access as soon as possible. 

Taking Proper Care of Your Health

Patients are duly prescribed medicine for their respiratory function whenever they visit the physician. These patients have to be at the very least responsible enough to take their medicine at the proper times. Symptoms will likely end with proper medical care. 

However, if the symptoms persist, you should be able to tell your physician that you did everything to take care of your health. Following this, the doctor will prescribe you medicines that will help alleviate the problems you’re facing.  

Air Cleaners

Doctors recommend that people get Portable Air Cleaners or a central air cleaning system to help keep the air in their rooms clean.  Just make sure that you get an air cleaner with a high clean air delivery rate (CADR), this will ensure that your room gets an appropriate amount of cleaned air. 

For the sake of better air cleansing, it is best if the filter has an activated carbon filter. This will significantly improve the quality of the air in your surroundings. You will get air that is free from pollution particles as well as free from various gases that can potentially harm you.

Oxygen Concentrators for Home Use

For patients known to have respiratory health problems, there are high chances of oxygen deficiency issues (hypoxia). Heart patients also sometimes have oxygen needs as well as those who have cancer affecting their ability to breathe. 

For these patients, it becomes necessary to have a source of oxygen with them at all times. The oxygen flow rates for the oxygen concentrators are prescribed by the physicians per the case requirements. Patients often have oxygen generators at home already. 

Apart from the use of supplemental oxygen, the patients are also given pointers to do exercises that will improve their breathing. Exercises include diaphragm-supported breathing and pursed lip breathing.

If You Have an Oxygen Concentrator, Do This!

The pulmonary specialists considered the possible causes of the lowering of oxygen levels in your surroundings. While they think that you need to use both oxygen concentrators and air cleaners, there’s something else that you should also consider. 

Your device’s filters are important to the whole process. Make sure that you have clean filters. You should call up the manufacturer of the oxygen concentrator and ask them if they can help you get more filters. See if the filters can be changed by yourself or if would you need to take the device to healthcare technology vendors for a filter change. A clean filter will provide you with good oxygen flow.  

Check out Sanai Health for Oxygen Device Options

Sanai Health has a variety of oxygen devices that meet the needs of different patients with different health requirements during these tough times. Have a look through our website to find out the oxygen concentrator device or portable oxygen concentrator device that will best suit your needs. If you have any queries about your oxygen concentrator, our representatives would be happy to help you out. Remember to keep your physician’s prescription in mind before placing your order with us.   

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