Another Wave of COVID19 Expected in 2023 and How to Prepare for the Worst

Just when we thought that we could bid adieu to COVID19 pandemic once and for all, we started up with another terrible variant to bolster the infected numbers. Omicron was already making deadly waves in the year 2022. 

The burden on Canadian healthcare system increased as more patients getting infected. The use of oxygen concentrators, oxygen tanks and pulse oximeters also increased with this rise. Hospitals were filling up and the oxygen needs of these infected patients needed to be fulfilled. However, what people didn’t know was that another sub variant of SARS-CoV-2 was on the horizon. 

XBB Comes into Being

By the time September rolled around, a new sub variant of the Omicron variant had emerged. The XBB variant had discovered how to properly fight and overcome the body’s existing defenses against the SARS-CoV-2. However the virus had the perfect shortcoming, it was unable to attach to the human cells. 

XBB 1.5 Starts Spreading Like a Wild Fire

The XBB shortcoming was later overcome with the arrival of XBB 1.5.  Experts stated that this was because a number of patients with different Omicron variants were getting treated under the same roof. Hospitals tend to harbor a lot of infected patients, all getting their treatments in the form of antivirals and oxygen therapy via medical oxygen concentrators. 

Imagine the Omicron variant that couldn’t attach to the human cell meeting with the Omicron variant that could easily attach to the human cell. The result was the creation of XBB 1.5, a disastrous sub variant that can easily attack the human body. 

United States saw a spike in the cases infected by the Omicron sub variant termed XBB 1.5 with 4% appearance in the start of December 2023. The virus is showing no decline as the numbers keep on increasing from 18.3% at the end of December to 27.6% in the first week of January 2023. The CDC believes that the increase in the number of infected people is not correct because everyone is discounting the patients who did their tests at home. 

Who is Specifically Under Risk?

The XBB 1.5 variant has a higher chance of getting to patients whose immune system has been compromised. The immunocompromised individuals in this instance include the young, elderly, the sick and the unvaccinated patients.       

 If you live in a place where the populace has not yet gotten properly vaccinated, you will see a spike in the number of XBB 1.5 cases there. 

How to Prepare for a Possible XBB 1.5 Wave? 

With newer variants of the SARS-CoV-2 popping up every few months, it is generally a best practice to make sure that you are prepared for the eventual spread. The sad reality is that this virus will continue to evolve and all we can do is prepare preventive measures. Some of the things that you can do to prevent getting infected include: 

Get Vaccinated

One of the worst things that happen when you are unvaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 is that you are unprotected against the different variants of the virus. The more dangerous and widespread variant might end up infecting you. You could end up needing oxygen generators to support your breathing. However you can prevent this all by simply vaccinating against the infection.  

Stay Masked and Keep a Good Hygiene

Maintaining a good hygiene and properly protecting against the virus can help prevent the infection from occurring. The virus doesn’t get access to your mucosal surfaces and has no chance to progress to the lungs. 

Have a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Healthy diet full of active ingredients can help the lungs fight against inflammatory activities specifically accumulation of excessive mucus in the lungs, and this helps patients breathe better. Unhealthy lungs will catch an infection and have exaggerated response to the presence of the virus. As a result, hospital admission and later administration of oxygen via oxygen concentrator devices becomes unavoidable. 

Stay Healthy by Exercising

The lungs cannot revert back to their undamaged state with the help of exercise, however they can start breathing in more oxygen. Exercising can easily help the lungs relearn healthy breathing patterns. The main benefit of exercising is to keep the lungs functional even when they are under strain. Lungs of those who exercise are capable of breathing under different conditions, even their bodies are trained to be better. 

Don’t Fall Ill

It is understandable that falling sick can lead to devastating effects on your immunity. An immune system that is unable to fight off infection properly will be overwhelmed by the new viral infection. As your body fights of infections, it will need more nutrients and oxygen to fight off the infection. It becomes your responsibility that you stay as healthy and fit as possible. If you do end up getting sick with an infection, make sure to get it treated as soon as possible. 

Keep Your Oxygen Concentrator Devices in Order 

Not every person out there needs to get admitted into the hospital for the sake of proper treatment and administration of oxygen. You can use your portable oxygen concentrators and home oxygen concentrator units to take oxygen as required and as prescribed by your physician. You will need to ensure that you have a pulse oximeter switched on to actively check oxygen levels. 

Now that you understand the value of keeping your oxygen concentrator properly functioning, ensure that yours is working flawlessly. If you don’t have a personal oxygen concentrator device, you can get one from Sanai Health at affordable prices.