World Heart Day with 3A: 29th September 2021

World Heart Day With 3A: 29th September 2021

World Heart Day with 3A: 29th September 2021

Not just the heart attack, there are about 20+ diseases that affect your heart; that’s just the size of your fist.  Around 17.9 million people die of cardiovascular diseases each year around the world, as reported by WHO.

A 32% massive death rate has always been a matter of concern, and this is one of the primary reasons why an awareness heart day is a must need.

Let’s Unveil the Most Common Myths About the Heart Diseases

Myth # 1

It’s a common misconception that heart diseases affect only people who have crossed their fifties. Such predilection was rather seen centuries ago, but things have pretty changed in the twenty-first century.

There are a lot of deaths reported in the early twenties, thirties, and forties, and even sometimes childhood and infantile deaths are closely linked with heart diseases.

Myth # 2

It’s considered a group of diseases affecting the people living in the developed world where technology has highly replaced manpower. This is precisely not the factual scenario. It involves the population who have adopted a sedentary lifestyle and chosen not to exercise regularly.

Your 1 Pound Heart Needs a Little of Your Attention

You need to know certain heart-saving facts this day to improve your life expectancy. Understanding risk factors and eliminating them have always played a vital role in improving heart health over the long run.

Risk Factor # 1 – Smoking

Coronary heart disease is most commonly associated with smoking. Nicotine, tar, and other chemicals in a cigarette thicken the blood, which forms clots. Such clots either stick to the same side of the production within the artery or vein as a thrombus or disintegrate to clog arteries and veins in the body elsewhere, known as an embolus. Smoking cessation is, therefore, the most crucial aspect in managing the risk for heart diseases.

Risk Factor # 2 – Sedentary Lifestyle

Being inactive is one of the other major risk factors that predispose you to fatal heart disease. Being inactive for hours allows the fat to deposit in your coronary arteries, thereby restricting the blood supply to the heart.

Also, consider the fact that the carbohydrates you take are also converted to fats when taken in excessive amounts.

Risk Factor # 3 – Unhealthy Diet

A balanced diet with no trace minerals deficiency has been known to increase life expectancy to a greater fold. Therefore, it is suggested to intake all nutrients that include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water to keep your body healthy and active.

How do we celebrate World Heart Day?

World Heart Day aims to spread awareness among the masses. A lot of activities are arranged for the sake of the day. Usually, fundraising activities, concerts, sporting events, and marathons are added to motivate people to get to the track.

What is the theme for World Heart Day 2021?

In 2020, it was ‘Use Heart to Beat Cardiovascular Disease.’ It’s always exciting to discover a theme to fight back CVDs with great inner enthusiasm.


A Must-To-Have Checklist

  • Go for a routine check-up once a year, anytime that’s feasible for you. It’s best to attend a World Heart Day event nearby to get yourself checked on the main day.

  • Always monitor your weight, primarily your BMI; that’s the ratio of weight to height. You must fall within the normal category that’s between 18.0-24.9. Anything above and below the ratio seeks the utmost care.

  • Promise yourself to stay active throughout the year. Also, promise to adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle that too incorporates your diet

Final Verdict

Here are a few wonder wishes for you: May your coronary arteries never go stenosed or occluded with atherosclerotic plaque. May you never suffer from heart disease by committing to a healthy lifestyle. May you live a long life.

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