Oxygen Hydrogen Enriched Water Dispenser

Oxygen Hydrogen Enriched Water Dispenser

Developed using German low-pressure electrolytic water technology to turn tap water into healthy drinking water

Water is the source of life, as the human body is made up of 70% water. Drinking two glasses of healthy hydrogen-enriched water can improve human immunity and keep people healthier.  The oxygen and hydrogen-enriched water dispenser adopt low-pressure electrolytic water purification technology using tap water as raw material, through PP, FU, T33, and DF four-fold filtration and purification, removing microbes, heavy metals, residual chlorine, and other harmful toxins in the water, retaining the minerals needed by the human body. Through disinfection and proton exchange process, instantly producing “oxygen-rich and hydrogen-rich weak alkaline water” drinking water with PH value greater than 7, which helps the human immune system. It offers various health benefits. The daily consumption of oxygen and hydrogen-rich water can delay skin aging, eliminate fatigue, regulate human immunity, and repair cells. .


Easy to set up and use

Environmentally friendly

Chemical Free

24V: low voltage operation

oxygen machine for home

Four stage purification and filtration

Only requires tap water and electricity

High hydrogen and oxygen enrichment

Preserve minerals in water

Safe water disinfection

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Question

Oxygen and hydrogen gas are produced when water is electrolyzed. This process generates 28wt% polymerized ozone molecules at the anode interface from hydrogen discharged from the cathode and oxygen generated from the cathode contact.

There is no need to worry about changing the pH of your tap water, because the Ozone Water Disinfection Machine generates a neutral ozonated water that may be sanitized to produce water. This means that it won’t linger like chlorine disinfectant and alter the taste of food.

The Oxygen Hydrogen Enriched Water Dispenser is all-in-one machine that transforms regular tap water into oxygenated and hydrogen enriched water of various properties. It’s vert compact in size and weighs only 3.5 kg.

For many people, the meals and beverages they consume on a regular basis are not healthy enough. You may want to investigate ozonated water, which is basically water that is free of any contaminants while looking for the healthiest form of water. Drinking ozonated water has a wide range of health benefits, from preventing the spread of disease to boosting the brain’s oxygen supply. A wide range of uses and amazing benefits are associated with ozonated waters since they are believed to be the cleanest form of water.

A wide range of ozone-based cleaning and disinfection tasks can be accomplished in your house using ozone. There are a few examples of these: For drinking, water purification removes unpleasant odors, iron, chlorine, and bacteria from the water supply. In addition to destroying bacteria, this product removes unpleasant smells from worktops and other surfaces in the kitchen.

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